Upcoming Cooking Classes!

Upcoming Cooking Classes!

I am teaching cooking classes at the Village Kitchen Shoppe in Glendora! Here are a list of classes coming up ...

Best Kitchen Shows!

Best Kitchen Shows!

My favorite show Top Chef is not airing right now (although I really liked last season in New Orleans!) so I have to find a few other shows to fill my cooking senses and inspire my culinary brain which seems to be on a little bit of a stand-still. Here are a few of my favorites:...

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Culinary Team Building Workshops

Jyllicious Bites introduces a new, unique and delicious way to improve teamwork in your organization. Build camaraderie, improve communication and increase trust while participating in a fun-filled culinary adventure like no other team building exercise you have ever experienced. Your two hour workshop would include:

Football Tailgating Tips!

My FAVORITE time of year! I respect all football teams and their town’s traditions (well, maybe not the Vikings or Bears!)

Recipe of the Month


Cookbook Update!

Hi Everybody! My initial goal was to introduce my cookbook at the beginning of spring, however, Apple decided to steer my fate in another direction. Apple came out with iBooks Author, a program designed to let me design my own cookbook with pictures AND interactive videos for the iPad.  I decided to put the printed cookbooks on hold and pour all of my focus into the iPad cookbook. Think about it: beautiful, professional pictures AND videos to show you tips, tricks and techniques for the recipes? Sounds like my cup of tea, so thank you all for your inquires, the recipes are finished, now I just want to focus on these videos. I will keep everyone updated!  Best, JYLL

Recipes from the Fargo Dome!!

My FAVORITE time of year! I respect all football teams and their town’s traditions (well, maybe not the Vikings or Bears!)

Recipes from Fort Wayne Home Show!

I promised some of the recipes from teh Fort Wayne show would be on my site.  Well, here they are!

10 Budget Food Favorites

Back in my single days, with few bills, no mortgage and just a small studio apartment to pay for, it was very easy to drive up to Napa with friends to eat at Bouchon, or take a date to some of the best restaurants in LA, or fly up to Chicago to check out Rick Bayless’s newest restaurant. I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the country and have loved every minute of it.